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Klassifikation: 22340000 [ACG872008]

Bevorzugte Benennung 22-34 Concrete, mortar, binder
Definition Concrete is a building material, produced as a mixture of a binder, a rocking agent and addition water. As a rule, the cement is used for the artificially produced stone. The soil aggregation is usually composed of gravel and sand. Mortar is a building material consisting of a binder, aggregate grains with a maximum grain size of 4 mm, additives and additives as well as addition water. The mortar serves primarily for the connection of brick walls and for plastering walls and ceilings. Binders are substances which bond together added solids with a fine degree of separation to one another or to a substrate. Binders are usually added in liquid form to the fillers to be joined. Both materials are intensively mixed so that they are evenly distributed and all particles of the filler are uniformly wetted with the binder
IRDI 0173-1#01-ACG872#008
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