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Klassifikation: 45000000 [AGD616002]

Bevorzugte Benennung 45 Human and veterinary drug, pesticide as well as active ingredient
Definition Drugs are substances or preparations of substances that are intended for use in or on the human or animal body and are presented as having properties for treating, alleviating or preventing human or animal diseases or pathological complaints. They are used to restore, correct or modify physiological functions or for medical diagnostic purposes. Medicines are not pesticides and cosmetics. These are defined as follows: Pesticides are agents of chemical or biological substances, which are used against pests, plant diseases or weeds. The agents are used to protect the cultivated plants from damage or disturbance from other living things, can affect their growth or preserve plant products. Cosmetic products are substances or mixtures of substances which are exclusively or predominantly intended to be used outside the human body or in the oral cavity for purposes of cleansing, protection, maintaining a good state, as perfume, or otherwise applied to influence body odors or for modifying the appearance
IRDI 0173-1#01-AGD616#002
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