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ECLASS BASIC 14.0 (en) ECLASS BASIC 14.0 (en)

Classification: 31000000 [AAF397011]

Preferred name 31 Polymer
Definition Scope: All chemical compounds, which consist of a multiplicity of monomeric units, as far as they are of technical importance, pure, at room temperature stable and can be clearly characterised by a Chemical Abstracts Number. Specialties: The polymeric compounds are overwhelmingly of organic nature. Oligomeric compounds belong to Segments 38 and 39. Polymers, which differ only in the number of their monomeric units, have the same eclass Number, e.g. PE and LLDPE. Structure: Segment 31 is structured according to a) the elements which form the main chain such as Carbon, Oxygen, Nitrogen, Sulfur and Silicon, b) the character of the substituents in the side chain, c) the number of C Atoms per monomeric unit
IRDI 0173-1#01-AAF397#011
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