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Classification: 34190000 [BAD158010]

Preferred name 34-19 Retention, compression
Definition tape dressing of plaster tape, often abbreviated to Tape or Taping is used in sports medicine, trauma and orthopedic surgery both for treatment and for prevention. He represents the treated joints or muscles are not completely quiet, but prevents unwanted or excessive movements (functional organization). The effect is due to the fact that the adhesive on the skin plaster strips transmit the forces occurring on the skin and so example, the capsular ligaments of a joint support improved (augmentation) and the perception of body movement (proprioception). They can also a swelling of the tissue to counteract (compression) or injured joints or bones uninjured fix (splinting). The application possibilities of tape dressings are versatile, suitable associations are described, inter alia for all the joints in the arms and legs
IRDI 0173-1#01-BAD158#010
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