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Classification: 39000000 [AAG961009]

Preferred name 39 Produits chimiques organiques
Definition Scope: All organic chemicals incl. the D-, L- und DL forms as well as the reaction products of these compounds with Ethylene oxide, as far as they are of technical importance, pure, stable at room temperature and can be clearly characterised by a Chemical Abstracts, e.g. tartaric acid and Butanol ethoxylated. Specialties: Compounds which exist in the equilibrium between two or more tautomeric forms, e.g. Keto Enol Tautomers, are comprised only once. Structure: Segment 39 is arranged according to a) the structure of a compound with respect to its chemical composition, degree of oxidation and structure, b) starting with Carbon and Hydrogen, passing the further Heteroatoms (O, N, Hal, S, Si, P) and ending with Heterocycles
IRDI 0173-1#01-AAG961#009
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