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Digital Data Processes Need Perfect Data - Winshuttle & D&TS

Successful processes are only ensured if you use valid data from the start. Avoid errors by flexible workflows that allow you to transfer new material master data quickly and easily to SAP.

Winshuttle (part of Precisely) and D&TS are facing these challenges in their partnership and want to improve data quality from the start, directly in the setup process.

The partners bring their respective strengths to the table: Winshuttle contributes its unique automation platform for data processes in SAP with Winshuttle Evolve, and D&TS brings extensive experience in dealing with material master data, particularly in the implementation of the ECLASS standard, as well as innovative and tested MDM software.

The solution designed specifically for SAP by Winshuttle and D&TS includes the establishment of a master data governance that controls the automated process of material setup and classification, as well as the provision of the classified data required. With the integration of a standard and catalog database (ClassCOCKPIT Data Cloud), direct access to product-related information according to the ECLASS standard can be obtained. An automated check for duplicates and a clear workflow for approval and release ensure error-free material master data in the system.

If you want your data to be consistent, standardized, and up to date from the start, you need the right solution. Such a solution helps you maintain high data quality and supports your business processes. It creates a solid foundation for digital transformation.

If you want to learn more about the solution, simply contact us at or call us at +49 (0)2336 42828-0.

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