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NEW: Digital nameplates for your products

The new asset application class for Industry 4.0 applications provides all relevant content.

In order to give you all the advantages of ECLASS for Industry 4.0 applications, ECLASS e.V. makes the Asset.xml of the new Release 13.0 available to users free of charge.

With the Asset.xml as a new asset application class, all relevant ECLASS content for AAS submodels is bundled and provided as aspects. ECLASS can thus be mapped directly into the respective Industry 4.0 asset administration shell according to the IDTA standard.

In order to map a digital nameplate or handover documentation, the ECLASS properties that the digital nameplate or handover documentation requires are referenced in the asset application class under the respective aspect.

Example: Under 27-02-31-01 is the new Asset AC showing the Nameplate and Handover documentation aspect for the corresponding AAS submodel.


Free of charge: Asset.xml of Release 13.0

In order to accelerate use and to convince new users of the advantages of ECLASS, we offer all users the submodels for the asset administration shell from the new ECLASS Release 13.0 free of charge (Release 13.0 Asset.xml).

documentation answers the questions:
- How can I get the Asset XML?
- Where do I find the Asset XML?
- How to obtain the Asset XML?
- How to use the ASSET XML?

Documentation ECLASS Asset.xml Download Asset.xml

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