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ECLASS Best Practice - Perfect processes? Only with optimal and standardised data!

Digitalisation and Industry 4.0 are increasingly determining the reality of companies. The digital networking of machines and machine-driven processes will continue to prevail. What does this mean for companies? For example, that components communicate independently with the production plant and initiate a repair or material order themselves if necessary. For these processes to function successfully and automatically in the future, the most important basis, the data, must be flawless.

Using the example of our customer Wien Energie GmbH, we will show you how to avoid incorrect master data right from the start by optimally transferring new master data into the SAP system with the help of a workflow.

The task was to establish master data governance (system-controlled & clear responsibilities) and to implement a process for optimal new material creation and classification according to ECLASS in SAP. Among other things, the solution provides for keeping the new material master data clean automatically by means of a duplicate check and creating it error-free in the system with the help of a defined release and approval process. In order to keep the process as lean as possible and to ensure quality, another challenge was the connection to the database (ClassCOCKPIT Knowledge Database). This makes it possible to access ready-made content or ready-made ECLASS-classified data and transfer them automatically into the customer system.

The goal: to create material master data in SAP that is consistent, standardised, classified and up-to-date with a high level of data quality right from the start in order to guarantee all further business processes without any problems. Wien Energie GmbH is thus creating an important basis for all processes associated with digitalisation.

Learn more about this on 16.09.2021 at 3:40 pm.

Visit our trade fair stand and get to know D&TS - we look forward to seeing you!

Your partner for perfect master data quality.

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After successful discussions, in August 2021, the partners ECLASS and inndata Datentechnik GmbH signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for a cooperation in the construction industry. Inndata has been organizing and developing the "freeclass" standard since 2007, which is used by many companies in Austria and neighboring countries as a consistent, legally compliant building material classification.

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