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ECLASS Live Seminars in Vienna and Frankfurt

Paradine, ECLASS preferred Partner Platinum will again offer live seminars on ECLASS in Vienna and/or Frankfurt starting this fall.

The ECLASS seminars aim to support companies that want to deepen their master data knowledge or that need further information on specific master data solutions.

In the ECLASS introductory seminars you will receive a comprehensive introduction to the cross-industry, multilingual classification and product description standard ECLASS. You will get to know the ECLASS organization, the release and language management as well as the licensing model. Based on successful customer projects you will get to know different implementation variants. We will give you insights into content development, an overview of the data model and how to use the standard. In the subsequent Q&A session we can discuss all open questions.

Details about the seminars in Vienna and Frankfurt can be found below. Please note that you can also book the ECLASS seminars as an in-house event.

Event Details

Target Group:

The target group of the workshop are department heads, managers and experts in the following areas:

  • Material Master Data
  • procurement
  • standardization
  • catalog data
  • content management
  • IT Management
  • Spare Parts Management

Dates and location:

11.10.2022 in Frankfurt am Main, Germany
18.10.2022 in Vienna, Austria
24.11.2022 in Frankfurt am Main, Germany
29.11.2022 in Vienna, Austria

Course duration:

09:30 to 17:00 (incl. lunch break).

Registration form and further information


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