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ECLASS Release 13.0 coming soon!

On December 14th, 2022 we will publish the long-awaited new ECLASS Release with new content on CO2 footprint, Asset Administration Shell and many established ECLASS segments.

With about 200.000 change requests, the experts and users from industry and trade have once again enabled a major development leap for the ECLASS Standard.

Especially for ...

  • information on Product Carbon Footprints
  • submodels of AAS for Digital Nameplates and Handover Documentation
  • and in segment 51 "Fluid power"

... numerous new classes, properties and more structure elements have been added. This enables ECLASS users to always be up-to-date and act according to current and future market requirements.

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Vers l'article Standardized information on CO2 footprint of your products
ECLASS based information on CO2 footprint of your products.

Standardized information on CO2 footprint of your products

Are you wondering how you can pass on the information on the CO2 footprint of your products to your business partners?

Vers l'article Functional description in ECLASS

Functional description in ECLASS

Which device from which manufacturer is suitable for building automation? Planners of smart city concepts must, above all, reconcile the client's wishes with standards and regulations. In order to be able to make an optimal decision, precise information about the physical properties of a product as well as the functionalities and applications is necessary.