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New XML Schema for BETA-Release 14.0

We are introducing a new XML Schema! The new Schema is to be used starting with BETA Release 14.0, which will be made available to the ECLASS developers community for testing mid-August, 2023.

What's new in ECLASS XML Schema 4.0?

  • Translation Quality Level (TQL)
    For multilingual data management, the new XML Schema incorporates Translation Quality Level (TQL) to indicate the reliability and accuracy of translations.
  • Level Type Properties
    To provide more context and specificity to data, the XML Schema now supports Level Type Properties. Users can now add relevant attributes and characteristics to data elements, making it easier to categorize and query information with greater precision.
  • Range Constraint Properties
    Precision matters, and with Range Constraint Properties in the XML Schema, we ensure data integrity by defining permissible ranges for numerical values. Say goodbye to ambiguous data entries and embrace standardized and consistent data representation.

The new Schema is to be found in our Technical Support at ECLASS XML for download.
The latest XML Schema is designed to empower our community with cutting-edge features, facilitating seamless integration and promoting harmonization across industries. As ECLASS evolves, so do our capabilities to adapt to changing needs and technological advancements.

We look forward to receiving your feedback and suggestions as we work together to make data exchange with ECLASS more efficient and effective than ever before.


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ECLASS engages in international standardization committees

In order to further strengthen the ECLASS Standard internationally and to represent the interests of the association and its members in a bundled manner, ECLASS e.V. increasingly engages in global and national standardization organizations. The joint standardization projects benefit from the exchange of expert knowledge and strengthen the level of awareness of ECLASS.

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For the first time, full translations in 15 languages!

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