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Webinar: Asset Administration Shell (AAS) and Digital Product Passport (DPP) with the BEATS application

In a compact webinar, we will use practical examples to show you how you can create with little effort templates for Asset Administration Shells (AAS) or Digital Product Passports (DPP) in the BEATS application and download them directly.

AAS and DPP with BEATS

Find out first-hand how you can create an Asset Administration Shell (AAS) or a Digital Product Passport (DPP) yourself with little effort!

With the BCON² platform BEATS, you can easily integrate ECLASS into standardized data containers such as AAS or BMEcats without additional software. The advantage: You generate your individual templates and templates for AAS and DPPs directly with ECLASS semantics for further processing in your company. If necessary, you can extend the existing ECLASS content to meet your individual requirements in compliance with standards. During the webinar, we will demonstrate the corresponding functions and possibilities of BEATS.

The event is aimed at data and product managers who design digital templates for the Asset Administration Shell or the Digital Product Passport of their products. Both beginners and successful users can generate DPPs and AAS templates, in which ECLASS is directly integrated, easily and without additional software.

Webinar: Tuesday, June 04, 2024, 11:00-12:00 h

The event is organized by BCON² GmbH and is free of charge for participants. Registration required.


11:00 h
What is BCON² and what is BEATS?
A brief introduction to BCON² GmbH and BEATS
BEATS Basic Application
Free web application for the use of ECLASS in data containers
Defined Digital Product Passports (DPPs) as templates
Download defined DPPs with ECLASS. Working directly is possible.
Asset Administration Shells (AAS) Templates
Design and customization of your own AAS submodel templates as templates for your processes and systems
ECLASS Modeler to support individual AAS templates
Generate missing ECLASS content for your individual AAS templates
AAS for download
Types and instances based on your AAS templates for validation
Costs, Open questions
12:00 h

Event registration


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