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Cooperation with ProMaterial completes further development of ECLASS in construction technology and BIM

The cooperation with ProMaterial, a major player from the BIM environment, is an important step for the further development of segment 22 "Construction Technology".

Under the leadership of buildingSMART International (bSI), ProMaterial is working with the industry to develop "UniversalTypes", a manufacturer-neutral description format for the properties of building products. UniversalTypes is and will be introduced by bSI in 25 national organizations, supported by many other software partners. The main goals of the collaboration between ProMaterial and ECLASS are harmonization and the creation of a mapping between ECLASS and UniversalTypes. In particular, ECLASS will adopt properties from the preliminary work of UniversalTypes. The cooperation starts with a PoC, which is to begin in the segments of dry construction and glass construction.

This new cooperation completes the successfully launched content-related activities for the further development of ECLASS in structural engineering. For ECLASS Release 14.0, the input from UniversalTypes, buildingSMART (DE), Freeclass, SCHLEITH, STRABAG and others is processed in several working groups to add a lot of new and improved content to the Standard, ensuring good usability of ECLASS in BIM.

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