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ECLASS supports the semantics for AAS as well as AAS Submodel Templates

For modeling the semantics and structure of Submodel Templates for the AAS, ECLASS makes use of existing structural elements. Thus, Submodel Templates are modeled in ECLASS as aspects. These are in turn assigned to a new so-called asset application class to be ordered in the ECLASS classification system.

Since ECLASS 13, the first two aspects representing Submodel Templates are included in ECLASS. These are the "Digital Nameplate for Industrial Equipment" and IDTA-02004 "Handover Documentation".

These can already be imported as submodels via the AASx Package Explorer via ECLASS Webservice or the ECLASS Asset XML.

In addition, several activities on the topic of AAS Submodel Templates are currently underway.

Within the ECLASS e.V. a group is working on the implementation of Submodel Templates in coordination with the corresponding groups and the IDTA directly. 

At the same time, the IDTA workstream "ECLASS Semantic" is working on the uniform use of ECLASS in the AAS.

Furthermore, another document is being developed, which defines how Submodel Template workgroups can integrate the contents into the ECLASS Dictionary either in parallel or subsequently.


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