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Online AAS Generator by BCON² GmbH

Currently, everything revolves around the Digital Twin...

For this purpose, the subsidiary of ECLASS e.V., BCON² GmbH, offers tools and consulting for implementation. For the AAS as an implementation of the Digital Twin, BCON² offers an online AAS generator.


  • Definition ofAAS
    • Creation of part models based on templates & ECLASS structures
  • AAS Part 1 - Retrieval as V2 and V3
  • AAS Part 2 - API for retrieving the AAS

In the future it will also be possible to define Submodel Templates and send them directly as a Change Request as well as to use them directly via the ECLASS FastTrack.



Plus de Actualités

Vers l'article ECLASS supports the semantics for AAS as well as AAS Submodel Templates

ECLASS supports the semantics for AAS as well as AAS Submodel Templates

For modeling the semantics and structure of Submodel Templates for the AAS, ECLASS makes use of existing structural elements. Thus, Submodel Templates are modeled in ECLASS as aspects. These are in turn assigned to a new so-called asset application class to be ordered in the ECLASS classification system.

Vers l'article ECLASS at the HMI 2023

ECLASS at the HMI 2023

The Hanover Fair was very successful again this year - great conversations, new impulses and promising cooperations!


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