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We free up resources

We want all companies to be able to cooperate globally by exchanging standardized master data. 

Rather than worrying about interfaces, terminologies or differing item numbers, they should focus on their core businesses. Therefore, communication between their systems must take place on its own. 

We simplify the complexity of this process by assigning a unique designation to every product and every service. Our task is to provide the categories and interfaces. The simpler something looks, the more demanding the work behind it has generally been. In this case, our members as well as thousands of companies, along with their experts and executives, have devoted their intelligence to producing a system that has achieved this simplicity. Stakeholders from all sectors of the economy support us in these efforts. 

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Regional offices

ISO-compliant and future-proof

We combine the diverse interests of these various participants in ISO-compliant processes that lead to consistent results. The results also accord with international standards. 

This is very important to all our members, as this represents a critical future strategic advantage for all users. Enterprises that apply this standard achieve a significantly higher degree of investment security than by using proprietary, individual-sector solutions. 

ECLASS is a standard fundamentally open to all – both in terms of use and future development. Thus, we create a construct that is highly authoritative and reliable, while at the same time being very flexible. This combination is the reason our standard is growing significantly faster than comparable solutions. Members have a vital interest in its progress, and develop it in close cooperation with each other. 

Sensitive language and its use in the ECLASS Standard

Over the last years we are continuously witnessing a movement toward using a more sensitive and inclusive language. This matter is of high significance because of the power language can have in shaping minds, thoughts and the world we live in.

The ECLASS association acknowledges the use of insensitive terminology in standardization and is determined to use a more inclusive language that reflects our values and norms.

Position paper "Sensitive Language"