ECLASS Licenses & Releases

ECLASS Releases: Better every year

We publish an ECLASS Release once a year, bringing the standard up to date. The current ECLASS Release 12.0 adds about 1,650 commodity classes, 200 new blocks, 3,000 new properties and  2,300 new values.
We publish machine-readable files for each new version. This makes ECLASS the only standard worldwide that enables automatic - because machine-readable - migrations.

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What is the difference between the Single License and a Concordance License?

  • A Single License gives you the right to an unlimited use of one specific ECLASS Release.
  • The Concordance License is basically a release subscription: It includes all already published ECLASS Releases and Update Files as well as all future Releases and Update Files that will be published during the term of the license. A Concordance license is advantageous for you if you need more than one release.
  • The greatest benefits come from joining the ECLASS e.V.: As a member of the association, you can use all licenses without any additional costs and can play an extensive role in the further development of the standard, for example in leading an expert group or as a member of the association's committees.

Both license models include both export formats (ECLASS BASIC and ECLASS ADVANCED) of the ECLASS Releases as well as all available languages.
The fees for licenses or membership are based on the respective company size.