Digitalization Expert Group

The experts on digitalization

The ECLASS board founded the Digitalization Expert Group (DEG) in the spring of 2017 to provide a platform for all digitalization-related issues, and to help work through these issues in a structured and directed way.

Members of the DEG are recruited from among experienced subject-area experts, who are delegated by their companies to address the topic of ECLASS, and who are themselves active in the areas of smart manufacturing and/or the internet of things (IoT).

By the way: The participation in the DEG is free of charge, and is open to all interested subject-area experts.

DEG tasks

DEG’s main focus is on monitoring, managing and supporting projects, as well as on coordinating all ECLASS activities in the areas of digitalization.

  • Collection and distribution of information, both internally and externally to ECLASS
  • Review and initiation of research work and projects
  • Cooperation with other committees and associations
  • Compilation of requirements 
  • Provision of advice to the ECLASS board
  • Preparation of decision documents

Always with a focus on digitalization.



To master digitalization of industry the comprehensive availability of information is a key requirement. This is why concepts like the asset administration shell (AAS) and digital twins (DT) have been created.
Within this Whitepaper an approach is introduced to realize a decentralized registry for services offered around I4.0 components. How this decentralized registry is applied in practice is explained using five practice-relevant use cases which span the whole lifecycle of the asset.

Language: EN 
Published: 2020


Members of the DEG


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