Digital Product Passport (DPP)

What is a Digital Product Passport (DPP)?

To protect the environment and the climate, EU wants to launch a Digital Product Passport (DPP) as part of its Green Deal. The Battery Pass will be the first Digital Product Passport in the EU. From 2027, it will be become mandatory for industrial and car batteries. Digital Product Passports for other product groups will follow.

In a Digital Product Passport all relevant product information such as manufacturer, repair and disposal options should be recorded digitally and made transparently accessible to all stakeholders involved in the product life cycle via the DPP system. The structuring of this environmentally relevant data is to be carried out in a standardized, comparable format. In a study on the Digital Product Passport, the German Economic Institute (IW) recommends using the ECLASS Standard to set up a DPP.

Four reasons for a Digital Product Passport

Today, a Digital Product Passport is indispensable for meeting the requirements of an increasingly networked and digitalized world.

ECLASS as the solution for the Digital Product Passport

With about 48,000 classes and 23,000 unique properties the ECLASS Standard already provides a manufacturer-independent and cross-industry solution to uniquely describe products. In addition, ECLASS is subject to continuous further development by experts from development, industry and trade so that it always meets current requirements.   

Information for the Digital Product Passport can be mapped with ECLASS structural elements such as "Environmental Footprint", "General Battery and Manufacturer Information" or "Circularity and Resource Efficiency" in the Asset Administration Shell (AAS). The Asset Administration Shell is an exchange format for data and bundles information about products along their entire life cycle in sub-models.

Information brochure for download

ECLASS as the solution for the Digital Product Passport (DPP)

What is a Digital Product Passport and why is ECLASS the solution for it? In this brochure, we provide convincing arguments for the DPP with ECLASS.

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Published: 2023
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The DPP with ECLASS: Convincing arguments

IW Study on the DPP: Digital Product Pass — Enabler of the Circular Economy

In a circular economy, a new understanding of economic activity and an alternative approach to raw materials are required. Resources should be used for as long as possible in order to reduce both the material and energy consumption as well as the waste and emissions of an economic system to a minimum.

The ECLASS data standard, with its interoperability, modular system and conformity with standards and global norms, offers many advantages for the development of a DPP.

Study "Digital Product Passport"

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