ECLASS Standard

What is ECLASS?

ECLASS handles the language of things

ECLASS is the global reference data standard for the classification and unambiguous description of products and services. Why ECLASS? Because a standardized master-data system is essential to enterprise-wide improvements. Because ECLASS sets the semantic standard that makes smart manufacturing possible and the Internet of Things a reality. And because ECLASS, as an open standard, is constantly evolving and can be adapted to individual user needs. More than 4,000 companies are already taking advantage of these benefits. Increasingly, they’re also specifying ECLASS as a mandatory standard for their business partners

Use cases

ECLASS in practice


Advantages with ECLASS


Benefits for the entire value chain

Companies worldwide use the ECLASS Standard both within their organizations and in their supply chains. This benefits everyone involved by:

Reducing costs

ECLASS helps you make purchasing, merchandise management and sales more efficient by bundling volumes and streamlining the variety of goods.

Opening up international sales markets

You can exchange product master data digitally in 17 languages across all borders. ECLASS means you can make good use of electronic catalogs and digital marketplaces.

Increasing productivity

ECLASS enables continuous processes, automated interfaces and standardized product information, which helps strengthen your performance on ROI and time-to-market.

Ensuring quality

Thanks to ECLASS, engineering and CAx data is exchanged across borders efficiently and without any loss of data.

Optimizing processes sustainably

Harmonized data along the entire value chain – from development to production, sales and controlling to maintenance – saves you time and money.

Staying future-proof

ECLASS offers semantic interoperability and is thus the basis for machine-to-machine communication, I4.0 applications and the digital twin.

Reduce costs, increase quality!

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We demonstrate the savings potential offered by the ECLASS Standard to your company in the fields of purchasing, sales and engineering.