ECLASS Releases

ECLASS Releases: Better every year

Every year we publish a new ECLASS Release. In this way, we are continuously expanding the standard in accordance with current and future market requirements. 

More than 200,000 change requests from experts from industry and trade have been incorporated into the latest ECLASS Release 13.0. It was released on December 14, 2022 and contains around

  • 1,050 new classes
  • 300 new blocks
  • 3,800 new properties
  • 5,600 new values
  • Finnish as a new language

ECLASS also is a pioneer in the field of 'product sustainability': For Release 13.0, we have integrated 'Environmental Footprint' properties for all product classes in an overarching group of experts. In this way, users can describe information, e.g. on the CO2 footprint of their products, directly with ECLASS.

By the way, we publish machine-readable files (TUF and CUF) for each new version. This makes ECLASS the only standard worldwide that enables automatic - because machine-readable - migrations.


Release 13.0


Asset.xml 13.0


Release 12.0

Release 13.0: First submodels for Asset Administration Shell

In addition to numerous extensions in the various segments, with Release 13.0 we are also making the first submodels for Asset Administration Shells available. You can use these submodels for digital nameplates of your products or for handover documents for entire industrial plants.

Free download: Asset.xml (Release 13.0 )

In order to accelerate the use and to convince new users of the advantages of the ECLASS Standard, we offer all users the new submodels for the asset administration shell for free download in our ECLASS Shop (Release 13.0 Asset.xml).

An accompanying documentation answers the questions:

  • How can I get the new Asset XML?
  • Where do I find the Asset XML?
  • How do I obtain the Asset XML?
  • How to use the ASSET XML?

Download Documentation

The next ECLASS Release

Roadmap ECLASS Release 14.0
Roadmap ECLASS Release 14.0

ALPHA phase for ECLASS Release 14.0 successfully started

Get actively involved in the development of the ECLASS Standard! You can submit Change Requests for the further development of the new ECLASS Release 14.0 until April 20, 2023. These are checked and approved by our expert groups.
Then the ALPHA phase begins. We will make the ALPHA version available to our experts for testing as early as June 2023. At the same time, the expert groups submit further change requests that are taken into account in the BETA phase. We will then make the BETA version available to testers in August 2023. By migrating to the AWS Cloud, the BETA and PROD phase can be processed much faster, so that we can publish the new ECLASS Release 14.0 in December 2023.
We will inform you at an early stage about any changes.

How do I submit a change request?

How is a Release created?

Detailed information on the release process can be found in our Technical Documentation.

Release Process