ECLASS development

Why an "open" standard?

ECLASS is an open standard, is constantly being further developed and can therefore always respond to changes on the market. The ECLASS Standard is therefore never "complete".
Together with experts from development, industry and trade, we develop a new release every year to keep the Standard up to date and to reflect all new requirements in ECLASS.

Anyone can submit a change request in order to introduce or revise new ECLASS content - regardless of whether they are an ECLASS e.V. member, user or expert with an interest in the Standard. We review and process these requests with transparency and in accordance with internationally established standards in our Expert Groups. Featuring representatives from industry, trade, SMEs and professional associations, each group is balanced in bringing together manufacturers, distributers and customers. This ensures that everyone involved has a say in the ongoing development of the ECLASS Standard.

Change requests for the ECLASS Standard

You can use the ECLASS ContentDevelopmentPlatform (CDP) to submit a change request.

The ContentDevelopmentPlatform (CDP) is an online platform through which every interested user can submit their proposal for the further development of ECLASS via Change Request. There is no fee involved with using the CDP. However, a login/registration is required.

For detailed information on how to submit a change request, please refer to Technical Support. The following video provides you with a first overview in English.


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