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Data for our customers at the push of a button

"Standardized product features now offer our customers improved data transparency and a high standardization of our electronic product catalog."

Initial Situation

As a manufacturer and trader for office and business design, we were faced with the requirement to make our range available to our customers in the form of an electronic product catalog. Here we decided for the industry standard ECLASS, in particular due to multiple requests from our customers.

Since there were no electronic product standard for DELTA-V yet, the introducion of ECLASS 5.1 as the classification and standardization of their own product range was forced through.

Objectives to be achieved by this decision are for example, to deal with the needs of our customers in a precise and satisfactory manner. The standard product features offer our customers an improved data transparency and a high standardization of our electronic product range.


Our electronic product catalog is automated by individually created sotware, composed of ERP and e-commerce data and exported as ECLASS. This product catalog can then be made available to our customers. Thus we ensure a uniform data structure in our range of products.

The ECLASS classification is used in DELTA-V to merge data from two sources (ERP and online shop). By pressing a button we can now create BMECat ECLASS 5.1 with our own solution and also produce further ECLASS versions.

The generated product data quality is not only very high, it also improves the communication between us and our customers. In addition, the effort by common processes is significantly lower than before and the reaction time for data export is much shorter.


With ECLASS we have a common industry standard by which we can easily make current electronic product catalogs available for our customers.

The increased data transparency not only improves the processes in general, it also satisfies our customers. The standardized electronic product data are now also internally available to the customer.

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