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Classification: 20460210 [AFZ279007]

Preferred name 20-46-02-10 Plate (food sales packaging)
Definition no definition available
IRDI 0173-1#01-AFZ279#007
Already on the watchlist: 0 of max. 4

BASIC Properties: Plate (food sales packaging)

  • Quantity of products per pallet layer
  • Valuelist Basic color
  • address of additional link
  • ecofriendly feature
  • Pallet dimension - Gross weight
  • diameter
  • Valuelist Contains substance according to SVHC
  • Valuelist Color code system
  • Valuelist color
  • Online reference conformity declaration according to food law
  • Polystyrene weight portion of the individual packaging
  • Weight of the individual packaging
  • Packing contents
  • Valuelist certificate/approval
  • Weight percentage of the contained substance (SVHC)
  • Valuelist Packaging specification according to food law present
  • Name of SVHC substance
  • Product check date (SVHC)
  • Quantity of layers per pallet
  • product article number of manufacturer
  • Manufacturer name
  • Manufacturer product family
  • Manufacturer product description
  • Manufacturer product order suffix
  • GLN of supplier
  • Manufacturer product root
  • GTIN
  • Product type
  • Manufacturer product designation
  • Valuelist Use of customs tariff number
  • Valuelist Type of customs tariff number
  • Customs tariff number
  • HS-Code of the WCO
  • GLN of manufacturer
  • URI of the product
  • Brand
  • URI of manufacturer
  • product article number of supplier
  • Supplier product type
  • Supplier product description
  • Supplier product designation
  • Supplier product root
  • name of supplier
  • Supplier product order suffix
  • Supplier product family
  • Valuelist Conformity declaration according to food law present
  • Online reference packaging specification according to food law
  • Volume
  • Pallet dimension - volume
  • Valuelist REACH registration present
  • Quantity of products per pallet
  • Valuelist type of cover
  • Valuelist Color of cover
  • USP information
  • Valuelist cover attachment
  • Valuelist material
  • Valuelist Cap or lid present
  • Foil weight portion of the individual packaging
  • Color code
  • height
  • Cardboard weight portion of the individual packaging
  • On-line reference REACH
  • Description of noteworthy features

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