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ECLASS BASIC 13.0 (en) ECLASS BASIC 13.0 (en)

Classification: 22000000 [AAA647007]

Preferred name 22 Construction technology
Definition Scope: All products and materials, which are used in the building-construction-sector, but which are not part of the multi-sector-segments (e.g. screw and other fixing elements in Segment 23). Besides the structure of 22 contains additionally the appropriate building works, because this special services are different to the general services of segment 25 in several cases. This is because building works sometimes include the delivering of the products / materials and the building works are described in some special rules and standards, which are different to other general service sectors e.g. in law or tax effects. Structure: Segment 22 contains on the second level three main groups (22-10, 22-11, 22-12), which are usable to classify building works. All other main groups of segment 22 can be used to classify products and materials of building-product-categories, which are oriented on the supplier-structure of the market
IRDI 0173-1#01-AAA647#007
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