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Classification: 22170500 [ACG587008]

Preferred name 22-17-05 Concrete additive
Definition Concrete additives are agents dissolved or slurried in water which are added to the concrete in order to alter the properties of the fresh or hard concrete, such as processability, setting behavior, hardening or durability, by physical and / or chemical effects. The funds are added either directly during the production in the concrete factory or after delivery at the construction site. In the case of construction site addition, the concrete is referred to as an initial concrete prior to the addition of the means. Since concrete admixtures are only added in small quantities, they do not have to be taken into account as volume constituents, in contrast to concrete admixtures, when preparing the concrete formulation. These include concrete condensers, flow agents, stabilizers, air-entraining agents, solidification accelerators, hardening accelerators, retarders and sealants
IRDI 0173-1#01-ACG587#008
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