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Classification: 22510000 [AKJ272011]

Preferred name 22-51 Scaffolding, ladder, formwork, sheeting material (SFS)
Definition Scaffolding is a temporary, generally reusable, auxiliary construction consisting of mostly standardized scaffold elements made of various materials, which are used as work platforms, for fixing the formwork or as a protective device. To climb this one take ladders with rungs, which are set or stand free. The term formwork refers to molds into which fresh concrete is introduced for the production of concrete components. The formwork is the corresponding negative to the concrete component. The term formwork covers only two-dimensional cladding of the load-bearing structure (supporting structure). Structural measures and equipment for supporting and securing trench, mine, shaft and tunnel walls as well as tunnel walls and ceilings in the area of excavations, in deep, tunnel, water and mining are described as shoring
IRDI 0173-1#01-AKJ272#011
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