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Classification: 22530000 [AKJ282009]

Preferred name 22-53 Sign-posting (building material)
Definition The signage is a sign and information carrier in the form of a plate, plate, plaque or other carrier, such as, for example, a piece of paper, a card or a foil which is provided with an inscription or a pictogram. The accompanying signs are placed to provide information to the viewer in their location, such as traffic signs with traffic signs that regulate traffic. Road signs are located next to traffic signs in road traffic, but only indicate the name of a road. Signposts indicate directions or routes. Warning signs are signs which indicate danger and may be appropriate not only in road traffic, but also in other dangerous places as well as danger symbols for hazardous substances. Signposts are large signposting signs. There are also temporary and stationary elements
IRDI 0173-1#01-AKJ282#009
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