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Classification: 34370000 [BAC668010]

Preferred name 34-37 Ostomy care
Definition enterostomy (also colostomy, art anus, abdominal anus artificial anus, (abbreviation AP) = except natural After colloquially side exit) is a surgically induced opening of an intestinal part through the abdominal wall which serves the excretion of wastes. Depending on the segment of bowel used, physicians speak of ileostomy (Exit from the ileum), Coecostoma (Recovery from appendectomy, cecum), colostomy (Recovery from Colon) or Transversostoma (Recovery from transverse colon). Colloquially Coeco, Colo and Transversostoma are often grouped under the term colostomy because the word colon denotes the entire colon. Another form is the urostomy, but this is not intended as an intestinal rather than surgically applied so-called Harnausgang. The necessary in the use of such artificial output utensils and cleaning and care products are summarized in this main group
IRDI 0173-1#01-BAC668#010
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