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Classification: 38000000 [AAF876010]

Preferred name 38 无机化学药品
Definition Scope: All chemical elements and all inorganic compounds, as far as they are pure, stable at room temperature, of technical importance and can be clearly characterised by a Chemical Abstracts Number. Specialties: Not comprised are a) structural isomers of elements except ozone, graphite and carbon black, b) isotopes and isotopic compounds except Deuterium, Deuterium oxide und Deuteriumn trioxide, c) aquous solutions except aquous carbonic acid and aquous Ammonium hydroxide. Structure: Segment 38 is structured according to the Periodic Table, starting with Carbon and Oxygen, their compounds and the (Earth-)Alkali-Carbonates (incl. Ammonium) and ending with compounds of subgroup VII to VIII
IRDI 0173-1#01-AAF876#010
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