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Classification: 42049090 [ADW569011]

Preferred name 42-04-90-90 Microbiology (other, unspecified)
Definition Sub-group (4th level) for objects that cannot be classified into other specified sub-groups in the existing structure, but that are classified to their parent-class on the 3rd level
IRDI 0173-1#01-ADW569#011
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BASIC Properties: Microbiology (other, unspecified)

  • Valuelist R sets
  • Valuelist Hazard statements
  • Valuelist S sentences
  • Valuelist Signal word
  • CAS number
  • UN number
  • Customs tariff number
  • Total formula
  • Valuelist Precautionary statements
  • Valuelist GHS-Symbols
  • address of additional link
  • Manufacturer product description
  • Brand
  • product article number of manufacturer
  • GTIN
  • Manufacturer name
  • GLN of manufacturer
  • URI of manufacturer
  • Product type
  • URI of the product
  • Manufacturer product family
  • Manufacturer product designation
  • Manufacturer product order suffix
  • Manufacturer product root
  • Supplier product description
  • product article number of supplier
  • name of supplier
  • Supplier product designation
  • GLN of supplier
  • product identifier
  • Supplier product order suffix
  • Supplier product type
  • Supplier product family
  • Supplier product root
  • Valuelist Use of customs tariff number
  • HS-Code of the WCO
  • customs tariff number (TARIC)
  • Valuelist Type of customs tariff number