Release 11.1

Inconsistency in the schema version


ECLASS changed the way the how the name of the association is spelled in October 2020 (eCl@ss vs. ECLASS).

This change of spelling is also reflected in ECLASS-XML in the attribute schema_version.

ECLASS publishes a new ECLASS XML Schema version 3.0.1 which contains the new way of writing, while ECLASS XML Schema version 3.0 does not allow the new spelling.


There might be eCl@ss-XML based XML instances created, which are using the new way of spelling, but interpreting processors are still looking for spelling in the legacy way, what leads to incompatibilities.


It is advised using spelling “eCl@ss” for data exchange based on dictionary releases prior to ECLASS 12.0 (i.e. according to Schema version 3.0 ) and use the “ECLASS” way of spelling (i.e. Schema version 3.0.1) for XML instances based on dictionary Release 12.0 and later.

See also

Overview of Release and Schema Matrix: Export Format

ISO country code Japan

The ISO Country Code (acc. to ISO 3166) of Japan was incorrect in all legacy Releases since Release 11.1 descending. Instead of the correct code JP, the code JA was used. The correct code JP will be used from Release 12.0, the published legacy Releases are not adjusted.

Incorrect entry in XML dictionaries

There was an incorrect entry in the XML dictionaries in the tag <revision>. Some ECLASS users use the <revision> tag to be able to identify whether an ECLASS version is newer than or equivalent to the already loaded schemas.

The corrected XML exports for ECLASS 11.1 are automatically available to all ECLASS users in the ECLASS DownloadPortal.

IMPORTANT: There was no change to the ECLASS content.

Properties with data type Boolean

Note: please note that this version may contain properties of type "Boolean" which are multivalent.