Release 8.0


READ ME FILE and Restricted Values


  • The first READ ME file (both English and German, update: 2012-11-29 can be found in the top right corner of the first READ ME page) was wrong.
  • The file of restricted property-value-relations had the wrong name.
    • Wrong file name: eClass8_0_PR_VA_en.csv (eClass8_0_PR_VA_de.csv)
    • Corrected file name: eClass8_0_PR_VA_restricted_en.csv (eClass8_0_PR_VA_restricted_de.csv)


  • The file name was corrected. From 2012-12-27 on, only the correct files could be downloaded from the ECLASS Shop.

  • The information in the READ ME file was also corrected, file update: 2012-12-27. Also, the constraint was explained more precisely.


DEPRECATED PR still assigned


  • The following properties were deprecated in 8.0, but their assignments to classes are still visible
    • AAA622-004 Form of skin barrier
    • AAA904-006 medical instrument maximum diameter
    • AAB057-004 pre-cut
    • AAE970-002 country of origin
    • AAM869-001 Number of transmitters
    • AAN255-001 Number of totalizers
    • AAN323-002 lower range-end value of current input/output
    • AAO146-001 Number of bodies


  • In 8.1, the assignments of these properties to classes will no longer be visible, as they were deprecated in 8.0
  • The display of these assignments in the CDP will be corrected with 8.1

Mapping table 7.x to 8.x

Release Update File (RUF) CSV


  • Three 4th-level classes that were withdrawn in 8.0 do not have a successor class in 8.0.
  • The missing information is the following:
Command IrdiSourceRelease CodedNameSourceRelease IrdiTargetRelease CodedNameTargetRelease SourceRelease TargetRelease
JOIN 0173-1#01-BAC939#008 40219201 0173-1#01-AFQ881#001 34140192 ECLASS7.1 ECLASS8.0
JOIN 0173-1#01-BAC940#009 40219202 0173-1#01-BAE907#008 34451006 ECLASS7.1 ECLASS8.0
JOIN 0173-1#01-BAC941#008 40219290 0173-1#01-AFQ881#001 34140192 ECLASS7.1 ECLASS8.0

Properties with data type Boolean

Note: please note that this version may contain properties of type "Boolean" which are multivalent.


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