Release 9.0


Content Error in SG34


  • A content error was detected in SG 34 (Medicine, medical technology) after publishing of ECLASS 9.0
    • 3 classes (including properties) of cardio implants are now in the dental main group
    • 2 classes are missing


  • The changes in SG34 would have been subject to a new major release, which is not in line with the actual ECLASS releasemanagement guideline.

  • To provide support, the following instruction for self-help was developed.

  • The handling of further issues is described in the following document.

Empty Values


  • The CSV deliverables of ECLASS Release 9.0 include 33 empty values (empty preferred names). A list of affected values can be found here:
IDENTIFIER Preferred name Data type
AAY196   Real Measure
AAY197   Real Measure
AAY198   Real Measure
AAY199   Real Measure
AAY200   Real Measure
AAY201   Real Measure
AAY202   Real Measure
AAY203   Real Measure
AAY204   Real Measure
AAY205   Real Measure
AAY206   Real Measure
AAY207   Real Measure
AAY208   Real Measure
AAY209   Real Measure
AAY210   Real Measure
AAY271   Real Measure
AAY282   Real Measure
AAY283   Real Measure
AAY284   Real Measure
AAY285   Real Measure
AAY286   Real Measure
AAY287   Real Measure
AAY288   Real Measure
AAY289   Real Measure
AAY290   Real Measure
AAY291   Real Measure
AAY292   Real Measure
AAY293   Real Measure
AAY298   Real Measure
AAY301   Real Measure
AAY302   Real Measure
AAY303   Real Measure
AAY271   Real Measure
AAY304   Real Measure



  • Necessary corrections were organized for Release 9.1 and future Releases.

STRING (Translatable) and STRING Properties having Unit Assigned


Following properties have untis although they are data type string.

IDENTIFIER Preferred name
AAC834 Max. length of cable for mounting on wall
AAD243 Connection voltage (reduced)
AAD895 Power of 5th heating element
AAD901 Height of the chimney
AAD989 Power of 4th heating element
AAE125 Power of 3rd heating element
AAE929 Power of 1st heating element
AAE949 Power of 2nd heating element
AAF009 Power of 6th heating element

Properties with data type Boolean

Note: please note that this version may contain properties of type "Boolean" which are multivalent.


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