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IndustryApps Pte. Ltd.

An open platform for rapid industrial digitalization

"Globally standardized semantics are critical for industrial interoperability. "


IndustryApps is the world's first open marketplace, focused on providing Industry 4.0 apps to manufacturers and built on Industry Standards, such as ECLASS. We provide innovative and secure solutions in a simple, subscription-based, plug-and-play model that can be deployed within days, with no hardware or software installation required.

The company was founded by two manufacturing industry leaders who realised there was a huge opportunity to help growing manufacturers. And so IndustryApps was envisioned with the idea that it should be simple for companies to create their own connected smart factory.

Initial Situation

At IndustryApps, our vision is to be the trusted partner for every small-to-medium sized manufacturer as they embark on their digital journey – bridging the gap between what's possible and what's practical—built on open industry standards, secure and risk-free.

We believe that standards are critical for industrial solutions. Therefore, we are constantly adapting our platform to comply with them. Thereby, one component of our architecture is the ECLASS Standard.


IndustryApps uses ECLASS IRDI in diverse ways, namely as:

  • the default standard for the semantic definition of the Digital Twin builder (AAS builder)
  • a standard for master-data templates (Exchangeable master data)
  • the standard for application-level interoperability (Plug and play solutions)
  • a standard to drive machine-interpretable data (modular factories)
  • a standard for the Digital Asset Passport (Digital nameplate)
  • the default reference model in transactional data template for business services
  • the common semantic language for I4.0 messaging services

Semantic Mapper:

Semantic standards are critical for Digital Twin interoperability. IndustryApps provides prebuilt templates for assets based on IDTA standards and Eclass semantics for all industrial manufacturers as a default Digital Twin standard. Specific additional semantic elements which are missing in ECLASS can be added under their own concept dictionary, which can be shared with ECLASS for review and addition to the library.

The target is to drive a universal approach for semantic standardization with ECLASS as a basis.

Use case 1, Asset Nameplate:  One critical use case for companies is to follow the standard nameplates for all their assets. All assets manufactured by customers using the IndustryApps platform will have an open, universally interpretable data model for interoperability. This supports new approaches to calculate product carbon footprint along the entire supply chain or collaborative monitoring for assets or new business models such as Asset as a Service.

Use case 2, Asset Auto Configurator (Semantics for Machine data/IoT): The AAS Builder allows equipment manufacturers to map their asset's data streams within AAS. ECLASS semantics are mapped to the operational data parameters. The key use cases are auto-configuration of assets for modular factories.


The manufacturing world is transforming at an incredible pace, and the manufacturing industry is facing new challenges. New business models are disrupting traditional operating systems, with Industry 4.0, digitalization, and the connected factory becoming necessary for survival.

With IndustryApps, digitalising industrial manufacturing is possible in a standardized, secured, plug-and-play, and cost-effective approach. Here the usage of ECLASS is promoted to all companies, large and small, globally by encapsulating ECLASS libraries within its core architecture.

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