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ECLASS engages in international standardization committees

In order to further strengthen the ECLASS Standard internationally and to represent the interests of the association and its members in a bundled manner, ECLASS e.V. increasingly engages in global and national standardization organizations. The joint standardization projects benefit from the exchange of expert knowledge and strengthen the level of awareness of ECLASS.

Currently Carolin Prinz (ECLASS Head Office) actively represents ECLASS e.V. in the following committees:


  1. DKE K113 Information structures and information elements, principles of identification and marking, documentation and graphic symbols
  2. DIN NA 060-30-04-05 AK Classification systems, product characteristics and corresponding libraries
  3. ISO TC 184/SC 4/JWG 24 Corresponding mirror committee of the DIN NA 060-30-04-05 AK
  4. DKE AK 1941.0.2. Digital Product Passport (Working Group)
  5. DKE Committee for processing higher-level aspects of the Digital Product Passport
  6. DIN ANP-K Regional Group Cologne

Do you have any questions? Please contact the ECLASS Head Office directly.


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