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High-quality real-time data for engineering tools and leading systems

D&TS proposes an innovative way to integrate high-quality real-time data directly into engineering tools and leading systems.

This data is obtained straight from the manufacturers of industrial components and provided by D&TS directly in process-compliant data for end systems.

Time-consuming and error-prone processes can thus be reduced or even completely replaced.

This approach enables seamless data integration at end customers and optimizes the engineering and purchasing process:

  • Increased efficiency: the integration of high-quality ECLASS data enables more efficient planning and execution of engineering processes.
  • Quality optimization: The quality of the data is optimized so that projects run smoothly and no time-consuming manual data corrections are required.
  • Error reduction: errors are minimized through the use of accurate ECLASS data, increasing reliability and accuracy in engineering projects.

Learn more about this groundbreaking approach at the ECLASS Congress on Sept. 27, 2023, at 3:35 p.m. in Mr. Paulo Ferreira's presentation.

ECLASS Congress 2023

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