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New IFCC solution: Auto-Classification based on ECLASS

With our new solution "Auto-Classification" we take a big step towards automation in master data processing. The previous, manual business model for "ECLASSification" will be a thing of the past.

We have trained our new auto-classification tool with hundreds of thousands of already classified master data sets using our machine-learning algorithm to meet the broad requirements on the market.

Currently the first pilot projects are running. We focus on different industries. This has the great advantage that the respective training phase can be carried out in a very concentrated manner. The classification itself is almost volume-independent and extremely fast. In addition to the class suggestions, a confidence level is also given. In the current pilot projects, tests are being carried out to determine the confidence level at which a class suggestion can be accepted unseen. Already the current rate astonishes the classification experts.

Learn more at ECLASS CONGRESS 2021, on our website or via Linkedin.

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Effiziente Nutzung von ECLASS in SAP

ECLASS kann auf verschiedene Arten im SAP System abgebildet werden. Bei einer rein klassenbasierten Umsetzung eignen sich die Warengruppe oder auch die Produkthierarchie, in beiden Fällen können auch Referenzdaten hinterlegt werden. Bei der Verwendung des Klassensystems, welches eine Abbildung der Hierarchie ebenso erlaubt wie die Verwendung der Merkmale, besteht eine Zeichenbegrenzung von 30 Zeichen für Merkmale und Werte.


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