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Professional Digital Data Management

The ease of maintenance of material master data during the engineering process with D&TS GmbH ClassCOCKPIT Data Cloud and SAP Engineering Control Center [SAP ECTR] by using ECLASS Classification Standard.

No one is doing business alone! Companies have customers and suppliers. In discrete manufacturing every producer of products relies on suppliers to source his components. But how to find the required components? ECLASS helps to define a common “language” for suppliers and consumers to match offered components with required characteristics. SAP also support ECLASS in various application, e.g., SAP Asset Intelligence Network, SAP ERP and others.

New is the import of master data of needed components according ECLASS standard by using the ClassCOCKPIT Data Cloud of D&TS directly from SAP Engineering Control Center [SAP ECTR]. D&TS ClassCOCKPIT Data Cloud is a data base with standard and catalogue parts that are classified and described according to ECLASS classification standard. ClassCOCKPIT Data Cloud is a cloud based service accessible from anywhere.

During the engineering process in the SAP ECTR the engineer can access the D&TS ClassCOCKPIT Data Cloud and search for the right components. The engineer selects the matching components and can take over all existing master data into the SAP ECTR. A Material Master in the SAP Backend is automatically created, and all data of the views Basic Data 1 and Basic Data 2 are directly maintained without any further effort. However, not only the basic data are created, but also the complete classification including the hierarchy, the characteristics and values are maintained automatically. By creating master data in the SAP Backend System via this integration, it is assured that the data created are according to ECLASS standards, duplicates are detected, and data is maintained in a harmonized and standardized manner in high quality. Data Quality is directly from the start of the maintenance guaranteed, incorrect entries are excluded.

ECLASS is the world leading and richest standard for the classification and the description of products and services. ECLASS is a machine-readable semantic dictionary and one of the most important ingredients for the digitization of the industry.

ClassCOCKPIT Data Cloud contains thousands of already classified products according to ECLASS. Missing products and items can be requested to be created.


- Increase and optimize Data Quality in your System

- Increased data quality for products and services: Harmonized and standardized material master data in SAP Backend according to ECLASS.

- Direct access from SAP ECTR in D&TS ClassCOCKPIT Data Cloud. By use of ECLASS standard the semantic interoperability between business partner internally but also externally is secured, mapping and integrations efforts are reduced to the minimum.

- Reduction of manual operations by 85%

- Reduce the effort for the data maintenance and free time for engineering activities.

- Avoid mistakes in the maintenance of master data, by doing it with system support.

About D&TS GmbH

D&TS is an international consulting and software company in the fields of master data management and classification.

As a data expert and ECLASS Preferred Partner Gold, we advise and support large and medium-sized companies in optimizing the quality of their product and material master data to automate downstream data processes. Thanks to many years of experience in various industries and countless successful projects, we can show you directly what opportunities your data offers and how you can use this potential profitably.

D&TS provides communication-enabled material master data for industry and platforms. We make you fit for digitalization.


About SAP Engineering Control Center

SAP Engineering Control Center (ECTR) is a platform to integrate authoring application like mechanical CAD (Computer Aided Design) and electric/electronic CAD into the enterprise value chain. ECTR enables engineers to concurrently manage their design in SAP, derive master data like Material Master or Bill of Materials and fuel all other downstream processes like procurement, manufacturing or service. ECTR is a key enabler for the Digital Thread and Digital Transformation.

More information during the SPS in Nürnberg on the ECLASS Booth!


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