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Stibo Systems focuses on compliance with industry standards

Stibo Systems takes the next step in their collaboration with ECLASS. The ECLASS member is already officially operating as the regional office for the ECLASS community in North America. And as a global leader in multidomain master data management solutions, Stibo Systems’ software has been supporting ECLASS BASIC for several years, enabling their customers to comply with one of the leading data management standards for product master data.

With the recent launch of the Stibo Systems Enterprise Platform (STEP) version 10.2, Stibo Systems now makes it possible to get a clear overview of ECLASS ADVANCED data on a specific product and entire product ranges. This addresses the need for standardized data management across the entire information supply chain, a necessity for successful syndication and exchange of complex product data for highly specialized industrial products such as electrical devices, home appliances and HVAC products. This data is, for example, needed by wholesalers and retailers for efficient commerce, as well as for CAD/CAE software for planning and simulations.

The new user experience provides data managers with a single view of all ECLASS ADVANCED data on selected items undergoing data maintenance. This includes support for the advanced data structures of ECLASS ADVANCED, such as cardinality, polymorphism, aspects and blocks, as well as the ability to view and review metrics on compliance and data sufficiency.

Support for industry standards such as ECLASS ADVANCED, ETIM, UNSPSC and GS1 is a priority for Stibo Systems and as such a continued element of the product roadmap.

For more information about how to work with ECLASS ADVANCED on Stibo Systems Enterprise Platform (STEP) 10.2, please contact eclass( at )

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