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Strategic decision: ECLASS content in all EU languages

ECLASS Release 14.0 will provide full translations in 15 of the 17 languages available in ECLASS, reaching a new level in standardization. The subsequent Release 15.0, which will be published at the end of 2024, should already contain all EU languages available via DEEPL.

The ECLASS committee CRD voted for a language strategy in October 2023: The aim is to provide ECLASS content in all official EU languages in the future. The following languages will be added in several steps:

  • Step 1: Bulgarian, Hungarian, Romanian, Slovak and Swedish
  • Step 2: Danish, Estonian, Greek, Latvian, Lithuanian and Slovenian

In addition to the 11 EU languages, three additional languages will be translated in the third step: Ukrainian, Norwegian and Indonesian.

Outlook: As soon as additional EU languages are available that are not currently offered via DEEPL, the ECLASS content should also be made available in these languages.

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ECLASS Release 14.0 alrady mid/end of November 2023 available

By migrating to the AWS Cloud, the BETA and PROD phases could be processed much more quickly, so that we can publish the new ECLASS Release 14.0 as early as mid/end November 2023.

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