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The new release process: all improvements at a glance

Consistent IRDIs, better comparability and faster processes

In previous ECLASS Releases, all change requests from Alpha, Beta and Prod phase were accumulated in each release phase for the calculation of the ECLASS Releases. With around 200,000 changes per release, this had a major impact on the duration and computing time of the Releases. In addition, new IRDIs were created with each phase.

With Release 14.0, this procedure has now been changed: Only the newly generated change requests are taken into account in the respective calculations in the release phases. This creates consistent IDs and IRDIs (possibly with versioning). Of course, the procedure is compatible with the Fast Track procedure and the Transaction Update Files (TUF) provided by ECLASS.

The improvements in the new release process at a glance

  • "Productive system only": All changes and checks in the productive CDP
  • IRDIS already after the ALPHA phase
  • consistent IRDIs (with versioning)
  • no redundant calculations
  • accelerated processes
  • Comparability/visibility of all release phases in the CDP

The release process in detail

More news

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