Cross Expert Group CAx

Target of the group: Expansion of the ECLASS standard with CAx relevant information
-> Result is an import format for all CAx tools, defined as part of ECLASS ADVANCED

What can perform ECLASS ADVANCED for CAx ?

engineering data generally

  • technical data relevant to choice
    • current, voltage, …
  • commercial data
    • manufacturer, part number, description, …
  • documents
    • instruction manuals
    • homologations, audits
    • 3D-data, mounting documents

engineering data for ECAD

  • functional construction
    • conectors (with name)
    • functions: I/O‘s, contacts, …

-> for circuit diagramm, Single Line, …

  • relations between parts
    • accessories, spare parts, service parts & intervals

-> e.g. for contactor selection

  • Symbols
    • only for devices without standard representation (e.g. motion control) neccessary

-> planning for coming versions


  • Device assembly
    • dimensions
    • Mounting variants and mounting points
    • outbreaks, mounting orientation, blocked areas

-> for 2D/3D-cabinet design, interference check und machining centres

  • Wiring
    • connector position, connection direction
    • connector form and cross section

-> for routing & wire packaging

Workflow interfaces to configuration tools

  • Single direction
    • Simple export
    • e.g. from configurator (Sizer, …) to engineering tool (ECAD)
  • Round-Trip
    • bidirectional
    • with request data

-> planning for coming versions

Collaboration in the Cross Expert Group CAx

  • You can design the content actively
  • Every interested can take part - independent on the ECLASS membership
  • The participation is free
  • Contact us: