Release 7.0


Unit angular second has wrong short name


ECLASS does not use special characters such as <;> or <">, which are interpreted by some systems as a control or separation character. The unit 0173- 1#07-AAA683#002 "angular_second" however, was incorrectly abbreviated as the quotation mark <"> (U+0022). Therefore interpretation of the unit table might result in difficulties at this point.


  • The error was corrected in ECLASS 8.0, where the quotation mark (U+0022) was replaced by the double prime (U+2033).

Advanced values included


In ECLASS 7.0 and 7.1 values were not included in value lists, but only in templates. Therefore, not only values that are used in the BASIC version were included in the export of the file eClass7_0_PR_en.csv (also in German and also in 7.1: eClass7_1_PR_de.csv), but all values used in all of ECLASS, including the ADVANCED version. Values that cannot be found in the files eClass7_0_PR_VA.csv or eClass7_0_suggested_values.csv are only used in the ADVANCED version.


  • In ECLASS 8.0, values are part of value lists again. Therefore, only values that are used in the BASIC version, are part of the BASIC version.


Please ignore those values in ECLASS 7.0 and 7.1 that are not used in any other table.

Properties with data type Boolean

Note: please note that this version may contain properties of type "Boolean" which are multivalent.