Level Type

Level Type (only Advanced) is a data type of a property which is available since version 7.0. and specifies the usual characteristics of the technique the minimal, maximal, typical and nominal value (min, max, typ, nom). This concept is described in EN 61360-1:2017

  • MIN Mindestwert des Wertes (minimum of the value);
  • NOM Wert wie bezeichnet (value as designated);
  • TYP Wert, wie er typischerweise vorhanden ist (value as typically present);
  • MAX Höchstwert des Wertes (maximum of the value).

Modelling with Level Type in CDP

The concept is only possible for the following data types:

  • Date
  • Integer (x)
  • Real (x)
  • Timestamp
  • Time

The Data types properties Date, Integer, Real, Timestamp and Time can be identified in the CDP. as "Is Level". A list of level types is then available:



Level Type in XML-Schema

Modelling is not enough. The model has to be exchanged. The following representation shows an except from ontoML


     <xs:complexType name="LEVEL_Type">
             <xs:element name="min" minOccurs="0"/>
             <xs:element name="nom" minOccurs="0"/>
             <xs:element name="typ" minOccurs="0"/>
             <xs:element name="max" minOccurs="0"/>
     <xs:complexType name="LEVEL_TYPE_Type">
             <xs:extension base="ANY_TYPE_Type">
                     <xs:element type="LEVEL_Type" name="levels"/>
                     <xs:element type="ANY_TYPE_Type" name="value_type"/>

Level Type in XML

The following representation shows the property from above using the Level Type concept with min and max real values in XML as data type:


        <ontoml:property xsi:type="ontoml:NON_DEPENDENT_P_DET_Type" guid="724f311ebbcc43b3ba90adff90128b84" id="0173-1#02-AAN450#001">
                  <name_scope class_ref="0173-1#01-RAA001#001"/>
                  <source_language country_code="US" language_code="en"/>
                    <label country_code="US" language_code="en">hole grid</label>
                    <text country_code="US" language_code="en">Information of the screen degree</text>
                  <domain xsi:type="ontoml:LEVEL_TYPE_Type">
                      <min xsi:type="val:boolean_value_Type">true</min>
                      <max xsi:type="val:boolean_value_Type">true</max>
                    <value_type xsi:type="ontoml:REAL_TYPE_Type"/>

Usage of Level Type

The general usage focus on value lists in the order of Level Types selected in CDP and exported in XML. In contrast to EN 61360-1:2017, the sequence as well as the set of level types in ECLASS can be freely selected.

For instance, in BMEcat the usage of the Level Type is defined as follow:


< !-- min value -->
< !-- max value -->


Furthermore, it would be possible to annotate the value with an IRDI-Path and a Level Type suffix with a leading dot (e.g. IRDI-Path.MIN).