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D&TS at the Industry Forum in Augsburg: Discussing with customers and newcomers as ECLASS specialists

D&TS was an exhibitor at the Industry Forum in Augsburg on May 9th and 10th, 2023, and took the opportunity to engage with customers and interested parties. The event, organized by partner Cadenas, focused on the digitalization of various industries, the optimization of design processes, and BIM. Exciting talks on topics such as Digital Twins, Administration Shells, and Standardization rounded out the program.

At the Industry Forum, D&TS's sales and marketing team spoke with satisfied ECLASS users as well as newcomers, gaining valuable insights into their needs and challenges. In addition, we conducted a small customer interview on-site with the project participants from FATH GmbH:

Question 1: How satisfied are you with the services provided by D&TS?

Answer: We are very satisfied with D&TS. We were particularly impressed by their willingness to handle large amounts of data and their professional support, expertise, and years of experience in the classification of product data according to ECLASS. D&TS provided clear guidance on classification and even took on the task themselves.

Question 2: What made you decide to work with D&TS?

Answer: We decided to work with D&TS because NTT Data recommended them to us as part of an SAP implementation. The close cooperation and partnership between both companies give us the feeling that we can get everything from one single source.

Question 3: Would you recommend D&TS to other companies?

Answer: We would highly recommend D&TS. The service, and especially the leading project manager, supported us in handling a dry and complex topic and enabled us to realize it with pleasure.

Question 4: How satisfied are you with the ClassCOCKPIT Classification software?

Answer: We are extremely satisfied with it. It makes working with data much more enjoyable and significantly simplifies validation. The system provides more transparency and is much easier to use than a multitude of seperate Excel lists. Additionally, it recognized duplicates that we thought did not exist. The software has many features and is therefore not entirely self-explanatory. However, after training, the system is very user-friendly.

Overall, the Industry Forum 2023 was a great opportunity for us to showcase our services and software solutions and meet with customers like FATH and interested parties in person. As ECLASS experts, we are proud to support manufacturers of industrial components as well as machinery and plant manufacturers with professionalism and many years of experience in digitizing their processes. We have the necessary expertise to create and integrate standardized product data according to ECLASS BASIC and ADAVANCED for data portals such as from CADENAS and other platforms. We look forward to participating in such events in the future.

If you are also facing a data challenge, please feel free to contact us at

Would you like to learn more about ClassCOCKPIT Classification? Visit our homepage. 

From the left: Kevin Herzog, FATH GmbH; Giovanni Murana, FATH GmbH; Pierre Häcker, D&TS GmbH; Samuel Burr, FATH GmbH

Live Webinars and Workshops D&TS

D&TS' live webinars will cover topics such as ECLASS and Data Cleansing to help building a high-quality data foundation. Learn how to effectively cleanse, standardize and harmonize your data to improve the accuracy and reliability of your company's data. Throughout the year, we regularly offer new webinars to keep you up to date, and we already have the next exciting webinar coming up in June.

In our MDM Excellence Workshops at D&TS, you will identify the specific data challenges in your department and develop a tailored solution together with our data experts. Our focus is on best practices that are specifically designed for your use case.



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