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Functional description in ECLASS

Which device from which manufacturer is suitable for building automation? Planners of smart city concepts must, above all, reconcile the client's wishes with standards and regulations. In order to be able to make an optimal decision, precise information about the physical properties of a product as well as the functionalities and applications is necessary.

The aim of the consortium consisting of TU Dresden, Amperesoft, F:Data and Kieback & Peter was to develop an infrastructure for services in order to optimize the software-supported planning process. The ECLASS Standard supports the improvement of the information flow.

The description of automation components must be standardized, whereby not only their physical properties but also their functionalities are important. The ECLASS Standard is a suitable vehicle for this close integration. This means that product data is available in a standardized and collected form. In a workshop, the members of the ECLASS working group and the participants in the ServiceFlow project developed the concept for functional descriptions in the ECLASS Standard, which is implemented in the current ECLASS version.

You can find the entire German-language article at: Funktionale Beschreibung im Datenstandard Eclass - GEBÄUDEDIGITAL (

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