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Significance of the Digital Twin in the engineering of machinery and equipment

Interview with Timm Hauschke, ECLASS Board Member and Director Master Data Business at Eplan

Timm Hauschke, Director Master Data Business at Eplan

HARTING, a long-standing member of ECLASS e.V., has published an interview with Timm Hauschke on the seamless integration of master data based on open standards from the perspective of Eplan in its online format "".

Excerpt from the interview:

T. Hauschke: For quite a while now, we have been working in the context of ECLASS (see box text) on creating a basis for this in accordance with the IDTA description for the digital twin. As such, we have a great interest in helping to shape these open standards and actively accompanying the process. I believe this is the ideal way to create reference applications and form part models so that the theoretical concept can be supplemented with practical experience. The future will show how far this can ultimately go. How companies implement this knowledge will play a decisive role. The Asset Administration Shell is a completely new information model. The description and documentation processes of this model differ vastly to the approach used over the last 50 years. Particularly as there are so many brownfield systems in existence, any transition will take time. For new systems, this is certainly an important step that has to be taken.

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