ECLASS is a system for classification and product description. It consists of different structural elements who are in a certain relation with each other.

The relations of the BASIC and the ADVANCED versions are described below. A list of all structural elements can be found here.

Relations (BASIC version)

The BASIC version is the simplified version of the more complex underlying ECLASS data model (ADVANCED). Certain structural elements are not displayed, e.g. the application class. The relation Classification Class - Application Class - Property - Value list - Value is simplified to Classification Class - Property - Value.

Relations BASIC CSV 10.0.1

Relations BASIC CSV 9.1

Relations BASIC CSV 9.0

Relations BASIC CSV 8.1

Relations (BASIC version) 7.1

With release 7.0 the BASIC version was changed, e.g. the unit was introduced as a distinct structural element having a relation to a property. A lot of typing errors were corrected with this measure and a huge step taken towards standardization. Plus, a distintion was made between value lists and value templates. The following figure shows the BASIC version in 7.1, LanguageCode=en.

Relations (BASIC version) before 7.0

The versions before release 7.0 (i.e. 3.0 till 6.2) were kept more simple, e.g. the unit was only a free text attribute of the property, therefore resulting in a lot of typing errors.


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