Release 11.0

The ECLASS Release 11.0 is an enhancement and modification of Release 10.1 and contains in comparison:

  • 1 new Segment: 51 - Fluidpower
  • ca. 5,800 new classes
  • ca. 1,000 new properties
  • ca. 330 new blocks
  • ca. 8,100 new values
  • ca. 2,200 new keywords
  • ca. 23,300 new class-property-relations
  • ca. 36,100 Property-Duplicates cleared up

These changes of the content are based on the following measures:

  • Consolidation of property duplicates in ECLASS Advanced (>36,000 duplicates)
  • Revision of the 9x classes (incorrect 9x classes were removed on the 3rd level and on the 4th level the 90, 91 and 92 classes were structured correctly in all segments)
  • Introduction of biocide-labels
  • Ongoing content harmonization with ETIM as well as APPLiA PI
  • Introduction of the new segment 51 "Fluidpower". The contents of the previous main groups 27-29 "Pneumatics" and 27-30 "Hydraulics" have been merged and restructured within this segment.
  • Extensive restructuring of the segments:
    • 23 “Machine element, fixing, mounting”
    • 35 “Semifinished product, material”
    • 47 “Body care and personal hygiene”
  • Ongoing content development, particularly in the residual segments
    • 16 “Food, beverage, tobacco”
    • 24 “Office product, facility and technic, papeterie”
    • 27 “Electric engineering, automation, process control engineering”
    • 34 “Medical device”
    • 45 “Human and veterinary drug, pesticide as well as active ingredient”

IMPORTANT NOTE: Adjustments on CSV structure and XML schema

Following improvements / extensions have been executed on the export formats:

Basic CSV

  • Extension of the "Class-Property-relation" file by the column "PreferredNameBlock". If a property in ECLASS Advanced is assigned to a block and this property is also considered for ECLASS Basic, the corresponding name of the block is listed in this column.


The previous XML Schema 2.0 was adapted and replaced by the new XML Schema 3.0:

  • UnitsML

Until now, no speaking name for units existed. Analogous to all other ECLASS structural elements, the preferred name for units was introduced and filled initially.

  • IRDIs of KW/SY

So far not part of the XML, the IRDIs of Keywords and Synonyms are now content the ECLASS XML.

  • Deprecation information

Until now, the information about deprecated structure elements are consolidated in a separate area at the end of the XML. Beginning with ECLASS Release 11.0 this information is now embedded into its respective context.

For more detailed information: ECLASSXML


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